- Comment from the editor -

All the eleven titles of the book "Monaco Inside Story" is complete at this time, we can better see the whole picture of how the author associated with people in Monaco, which was not always easy to grasp from a single story. It's interesting to read what she writes about her social life in Monaco. I'd like to especially note that each character of her stories seems to be a proof of her success in building a status and connections in the Monaco society, which enabled her to write the book. 

While depicting the luxurious daily life of Monaco, the author does not forget to write about common emotional conflicts in their lives and she often gives insights that arouse readers' empathy. It seems definite that the author foresees the readers' mind and is able to grasp their heart. And I clearly recognized the author's talent by seeing her sensitivity to the people depicted in her stories. The reader reacts to the "truth" which the author found due to her sharp insights. 

This book is a "must" read for those people who are curious as to the true emotions of celebrities and "high society" people really feel, as opposed to the "conventional wisdom" which is that people relieve that these people live "the perfect life".

Monaco Inside Story - Monte Carlo