- A message from the author -

"Monaco Inside Story" is a true story about my experiences while living in Monaco. The special characters described in each of the stories continuously surprised me, and gave me an opportunity to deepen my awareness and knowledge about life. 


Monaco is called "The Mediterranean Jewel". And It is the place where ultimate elegance and sophistication exist. In this European high society, I witnessed a human comedy played in the illusion of that splendor. The book was written in my own narrative style by depicting them as they really are. It is up to each of you to judge and decide how you feel by catching a glimpse of life like a celebrity which I described in various ways. 


Through these fascinating stories, I wanted the reader to see that a material success does not always lead you to true happiness. That's the fact I have learned through my experiences in the material society. 


"The True Happiness" can only be obtained when your heart is filled with "Love and Harmony". And only then you can reach the genuine joy and serenity that will bring the light and eternity into your life. That truly is something that cannot be obtained with any amount of wealth....  


As you read my book, I would be happy if you could somehow feel this message in your heart.


Divine peace can only be obtained through the inner Reality : 

Love, Harmony, Faith, Serenity, & Eternal truth....

With Love,             

Hiroko K. Antalick

Monaco Inside Story - Monte Carlo